We are history

Le Marche, the area where the passion for craftsmanship and love for running lives

At its heart is Pesaro, where modernity meets tradition

It is here that in the mid-1980s a company was born which then established itself and grew to become a point of reference on the Italian and international scene.

Today as then, Velomarche® continues to embody
the carefree spirit of those who walked
in the open air and sang with their hair in the wind aboard the two wheels, those who went out pedaling in the evening, and were with friends at the bar, those who have experienced the bicycle,
we saw the first two wheels spinning.

Velomarche® is in itself, today as then,
the soul and the very essence of that spirit …

… the conviviality and pleasure that those who ride a bicycle feel. Many things have changed over the years: styles, fashions, material innovations and construction methods.

Velomarche®, embodies this changespan
and adapts it and molds it to its soul, making it unique, as is the feeling that one feels
while pedaling along the Pesaro seafront, immersed in colors, smells and emotions.

Why can you go far,
you can experience new emotions, know and explore,
but you cannot forget who you are and where you come from.

For this reason Velomarche®
has always remained true to itself,
building bicycles every day, with passion and heart.

We at Velomarche® have you in mind,
that you use your bike for work,
for a passion for free time.

We have in mind you who are giving away the first bike
to your children and look for a safe product,
of quality and that it is Italian.

We think of you when we develop the e-bike
you choose to be accompanied everywhere.
There at all times, km after km, pedal after pedal, we are with you.

Ready to share your experiences and memories,
convinced that they will be as unique as the bikes we produce.